Photoshop Name as Art- using layers

Name as Art- using layers

As I said then we will be jumping into Photoshop for our first project so here is a detailed guide to the-Basics Tools in Photoshop.  Please read it!!!


As the title states this is about using layers.

Step 1:  Pour in a colour into the first layer

Step 2: Create one layer for letter in you name (max 6 letters).  Press the text tool.  click it into the picture plane, then type the letter.  Remember you have to click on the layer you want the letter to go on.

Step 3:  Now it is time to transform each letter in to a composition that is interesting.  Scale. colour, opacity, shadow, glow etc.  It’s up to you.


Please fill up all the space!  And make it look interesting- use different effects and tools for each letter- remember this LEARNING!!!


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