1,2,3 a drawing technique project

Curricular ties:

The BIG ideas:

The production of an artwork relies on an interplay of mind-body as well as skill development.


Curricular competencies:

Applies skills that engage mind and body.
Demonstrate active and disciplined development in creating works of art and resolve creative challenges.

The Project:

This project is fairly straightforward.  Draw what you see.   It also asks you to be sensitivity to form, texture, and Value.


ok, take 3 pieces of 5×7″ drawing paper.  The take three geometric objects.  On the first paper draw one object.  On the second draw 2 objects. And on the third paper draw all three objects.


simple right?  Well not so fast…

for each drawing I want you to set up a Ground, a Background, and place your objects in a 3D space.  You will need to pay close attention to value, textures, and the highlights.



What are you looking forward to learning in this project?

What will be your biggest challenge?

Who will you know if your drawing improved?- be specific.


Take a look at these three drawings:







Glue all three drawings into your sketchbook, and then submit for marking.

Post Project

During our project critique, tell the class which is your favourite drawing from the project and why- what your biggest problem.