How to envision yourself as a Superhero

Use this list to build up your character… remember the character is you!!!  Just with super powers and a story of how you became your superhero self.


*What is your superhero’s name? Get your Superhero Name here

*What is the power of the superhero going to be?

*Choose how they got that power in the first place.

*Decide on your superhero’s personality. Are they going to be aggressive and confident, or quiet and shy? Do people look up to them? Does anyone know that they are really a superhero?


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*Think about who they will be when they are a normal person, will they be smart, strong or quiet? Almost all superheroes need a “secret identity” as a normal person to avoid constant publicity from their fans and constant attacks from their enemies. Make sure the normal person is a believable character; someone realistic. You could decide to create the normal person around someone you know so that you can use their characteristics and make the character more lifelike.

*Think about how your superhero’s powers evolved, be imaginative. Think of why they would need these powers to survive. Why they need their powers to adapt? Maybe a mutation occurred, hence the new power. Maybe they grew wings, or changed skin color or got an animal power. The power to read minds? Super strength? There are lots of super powers to put into your own character, or you could think of some original ideas of your own.

*Decide how they got their power and if they are proud of it or ashamed of it.

*Design a symbol or logo for your super hero if you want one. This could go on their costume. The symbol could be an image associated to your superhero, eg. A bat for Batman. Or you could use the first letter or some letters of their name, eg. S for Superman.


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*Design a costume for your superhero. You could get some paper or a note book and draw lots of different ideas and choose your favorite. Your costume could reflect your super hero, for example, if they are an angry person you could create a red costume. If your character is happy and bright, you could have a bright coloured costume. If you have made a symbol or logo for your superhero, you could draw it in on the front of their costume, their cape or wherever else.

*Decide if they are going to have a sidekick. If they are, you will have to think of a name for the sidekick, his or her personality, and maybe his or her costume. Decide what the side kick is able to do. Is the sidekick useful or do they make lots of mistakes? Also, figure out how your superhero and sidekick met. Are they a sibling of the superhero, or did the superhero meet the sidekick by rescuing them (or even vice versa)?

*Add a catchphrase for your superhero. This could be anything, but try to make it catchy, not too long or too clever.

*Decide whether your superhero has a certain vehicle that they get around in. If they do, design this vehicle and decide if it has any special features, such as very fast speed. You could put your superhero’s symbol on the vehicle if you have designed one, or you could just leave it plain.


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*Decide if your superhero has any main enemies. If they do, think of names for these enemies, what they look like and why they are enemies. If you are creating a superhero for a story or a comic, you could bring the enemy into it.

If you are good at drawing, you can design some comics or anything including your superhero. You could think of situations where they might be involved to help you understand what your superhero is like.

*Think as if your hero is fighting Good Vs. Evil

Now write it up!!!  Tell me a story, or Draw me a comic.  The Choice is yours.

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