Festival Project: Grade 8

In this drawing project I am asking you to learn about different types of Body Proportion; Natural, and Idealistic, and supper Hero.  We will also be spending a couple of classes doing some life


Image source community.secondlife.com

tutorial__male_proportions_by_haneynozuka-d4kp6p7 (1)

Image source haneynozuka.deviantart.com ‘male proportions by haneynozuka’

Your Group: 1-3 people,

Everyone needs a Draft with three views of YOUR character!
       -Front, side, & back
       -Props, clothing
       -Paragraph on Biography  (at least FIVE sentinces)
       -Full page in SB

Group Paragraph which talks about the festival/celebration.

-Where, when, a description of the landscape/place
        -Small draft 6×8”




(this is an OLD project from when I first started teaching.)

For this project each student, or a group of no more than three students, will decide on some type of celebration or festival to communally depict in an 18″x24″ painting. Each student will be responsible for producing his or her own character- figure, gesture, costume and any objects the character may carry- a box, an animal, a weapon etc. The main principles of art and design we will be discussing in this unit will be pattern, color, texture, body proportion, balance and composition.


Step 1

In class we will be brainstorming all the real and imaginary festivals and celebrations we can think of.


Step 2

There will be time for students to research and talk about the project in smaller groups and decide on what they would like to do. Each group will be responsible for a short write up [2 paragraphs] of what their festival or celebration will be about. * Once submitted for marking the idea may not change.


Step 3

After a short discussion on body proportion each student will produce 8 -6″ figures in their sketchbook paying particular attention to both the proportion of the body and the face.


Step 4

Each student will also be required to hand in one draft, or mockup. Drafts will contain the following: 1/2 the page will depict your character in costume- in color. Below the figure, there will be two pattern swatches also in color. This will show me the patterns or type of detail that you will be decorating your figures costume with. The other 1/2 of the page will show the clothes, jewelry, weapons and any other personal object your character may carry with or on him or her. On the back of the draft, write a brief description of the purpose for each object- some students may wish to give ritualistic or ceremonial purpose to one or all clothes and objects. i.e. the sacred robes of a priest or the crown of a royal figure.


Step 5

After the instructor has “OK’d” the students drafts they will be able to go on to working on the 18″x22″ communal final painting. The painting will consist of the same number of figures as students in the group and be set up in some kind of situation or construction as the festival or celebration dictates.



Sketches                10
Groups write up      10
Draft                       20
Painting                  30 (per person)

Total                             70

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