Pick an artist, an art movement, or something that can fit in to this essay… sell your idea to me [it has to be thought out]. Basically you have to research your topic and then you have to show some examples of the artists work and talk about them in your own words. I don’t care what you say as long as you say something you can back up through the use of your examples.




This is the first sentence that should grab the reader’s           attention and compel him, or her, to keep reading. Try using     an interesting quote, a vivid description of an image, place or time period- try anything as long as it ties in to your      essay.



This is the thesis statement or your argument. Basically     it’s a sentence that tells the reader exactly what you want     to say and how you are going to back up, or prove, your arguments.



This is the last sentence of the introduction that links it   to the first paragraph of the body.


Body paragraphs:

1-2  Talk about the who, what, where, when and why issues.

This is all the factual information that you can get from     books and Internet. Please quote people!!! Its research!


3-6  In the second half of your essay I want you to include   at least 3 images by the artist/s you are talking about and     discuss the pictures in relation to you- your opinions about what you have learned in your research do you think what         the artist was doing or saying with his, or her, work was       important, moral, trendy, silly, lasting or inspired. What   do you think of the images? Have they remained interesting      or important over time? Do you think the artist and the work      hold any meaning for you and your generation- why?



This where you wrap everything up. Restate what you said          in your thesis statement and any final thoughts you might       have on your subject.



Literature cited:

This is partly a research assignment so you are expected to   quote people and books.


For the grade 10 your essay should be about 600 words 3-4 pages and for the grade 11 it should be about 800 4-5 pages. Please keep the research part of the essay limited to 200 words. I would like it double-spaced and typed.



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