Intro to drawing (g8)


Contour line:

A simple type of lines that is used to drawing either the outline of an object or the outline and its major features. There are different kinds of Contour drawing that we will do in class.



In-class activities: (shown in this colour)

  • 5 contour fingers
  • 5 continuous contour fingers
  • 5 blind contour fingers
  • 3 whole contour hands

Day two

Aaron Earley

Aaron Earley

More Contour drawing!

Beautiful drawings by Tori Tipton

Mass contour hands

  • mass contour finger

continuous contour face drawing

  • A bunch of contour faces

Day three

Weighted line:

This is when you use the pressure from your hand to apply less or more graphite or line, tone to the paper.

It’s a way of simply conveying where the light is coming from.  It gives simple line drawing depth.

Jan Zaremba

Jan Zaremba

  • Fingers
  • objects

Day four

Broken lines:

Giorgio Morandi

Giorgio Morandi

What you know as Sketching.  Using lines to build up tone and value in order to achieve realism and depth.

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • Fallen leaves