Assignment 4: 3 Photographers, with 3 Shots (x3)!

In this Assignment (#4) I want to have you take a look at numorous Photographers from all different genres, times and disiplens.  We are so lucky that today we can travel through space and time via the photos…We really live in an Amazing world full of Beauties and Horrors…

Please Do yourself a favour and spend time LOOKING at a wide range of Photograpers!!!

Picture 1102

Image source

Find Three photographers that blow your mind!

After looking at as much of their work, thier photos, as posible, choose Three OF their images that you like and post them to your blog.  Then write out a brief biography of the photographer (also to be place on the blog).  Then the most important part… Write out a paragraph that in which you discribe what and why you like in the photograpers work.  PLEASE use you Photo Vocabulary!!!

Repeat two more times for diferent photographers!


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