Project 8: The intimacy of the device


Jo Student photographer H.B.

I believe the first painting of a portrait lit from the greeny-blue light of a CTR TV set (Old School) hangs/hung in the Vancouver Art Gallery and was painted in the 1970’s… when I young…

Today as I see students sitting in the dimly lit halls and learning commons snuggled into a crevis in a doorway or nestled on a couch, on their devices, intimately engaged in a text, a snap chat, a…  Face illuminated by the screen. Absorbed in the digital age of connectivity.


  • In this project I want each of you to produce a single colour photo which showcases this phenomenon.
  • You will need the setting to be dark- you can use the lighting room, or wherever you’d like.
  • You can have one model or more…
  • The choice of device is yours… I can get Ipad or a laptop for you to use, let me know
  • As usual, when done post on your blog with an artist statement about your intent.