Teacup Tempest… a sculptural project

Day one

The introduction

`Why is a raven like a writing-desk?’  No, no – we all know the answer to that one.

‘What does A cup of Tea, hurricane, Alice,  and a Library have in common?

Hmmm, well let us break it down, open…up?

A teacup= cupsnumbersteateacupwhimsybeige-c88aecc3d8979bd57e0a75b124957262_h

more thoughts on tea cups


hurricane =

Alice =


A Library=


Now, what do they have in common?

Let us go further….

Ask yourself if you can make any connections with the words and pictures?



Tempest in a teapot (American English), storm in a teacup (British English), is an idiom meaning a small event that has been exaggerated out of proportion.[1] There are also lesser known or earlier variants, such as tempest in a teacupstorm in a cream bowltempest in a glass of waterstorm in a wash-hand basin.[2] and storm in a glass of water.
From Wikipedia,

A Mad Tea Party  – A small read… or 


Mindset- open.   Hands at the ready.  Eyes close.

And ask yourself, ‘What does A cup of Tea, hurricane, Alice,  and a Library have in common?

Still don’t have a clue… well, I think we should turn our heads to a genre of sculpture that has made my finger tingle for the last few year.

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Day two:

Our project is to make a sculpture with, or from, a book.


I have asked you to incorporate your thought/memories/ideas/desires into the sculpture by asking you to think about four things and your connections to them:

  • A cup of Tea
  • Alice in wonderland
  • A storm
  • A book or library


Please DO NOT TAK THIS LITERALLY!! I DO NOT WANT YOU TO MAKE A SCULPTURE OF A TEA CUP, ON A BOOK….  I want you to think.  Think of your past, present, future.  Think of each of the 4 words and figure out how you, YOU! Think about them.   What images, memories, expectations, thoughts, and feelings arise in your brains when you think about the 4 words?  What stands out?  What do you see when you close your eyes???


It is your personal connections to these words that will allow you to understand what you need to make…

Today I want you to write out you Idea for the project.

Remember our conversation from last class.   The 4 words can mean different things to different people.

Cup of tea– Memories of things past or events based on objects

Alice in wonderland– Permission to set your sculpture free from the bonds of physical     reality, full license to create you own aesthetic [make something you find beautiful]

A Storm– The flow of ideas in your head or your mental state.

A Book or Library– the story of YOUR life, the events in your mind, knowledge or learning….

You are welcome to write a narrative/story about the event/situation you are going to portray through your sculpture.   Sketches of your story, and the objects within your story, will help you see the sculpture you will build!


Stuff I have

Wire, papier-mâché, hot glue gun, cardboard, foam board, paper, paint, old books, material

Stuff you can bring:

Real objects from home, stuff from dollar store… found objects

The book may be any size you want- it is a personal choice and speaks to your idea.