Photoshop Intermediate: ‘What’s the Word’ a DigitalDesign Problems

‘What’s the Word’

‘What’s the Word’ a Digital Design Problem.

What we do’en? Using Photoshop to illustrate the underlining emotion or meaning of a word.

I will assign you a word that has no obvious reference. Use what you have read in your reading on ‘points and lines’ to construct the word in an emphatic, expressive way. Use Photoshop plus any images from the net to support your design. Remember, this design problem is all about how you make the viewer understand your word from a visual level, not a textual one.

envy, passion, stress, love, lust, pain, anger, jealousy, devotion, complexity, high, low, hate, infection, disease, hip-hop, hero, lucky, dizzy



When you get your ‘Word’ look it up!

  • What does it mean?
  • Where did it come from?
  • Is it used in any metaphors?
  • What does the word feel like to you?
  • Are there any colours associated with your word?

the more you know the easier it will be to get an idea!



The Design Process

  1. Identify the problem or question to be solved
  2. Think about the problem
  3. Break large problems into smaller problems
  4. Research: Collect information, talk, experiment, and look around.
  5. Gather your ideas
  6. Include details, be specific (e.g. not “tall” but “must be 6 feet tall”
  7. Sift through your ideas, develop a solution
  8. Make/Do: complete your project
  9. Evaluate