Books as Self-Portrait Project

Book as Self-Portrait Project.


You probably have heard it said that ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover but can the same thing also be said about a person?

In this project, you will have to produce a book as a self-portrait. The format is totally up to you! It can be made of anything, be any size, shape, colour, etc…. It can be made in the style of a traditional book or it can something unique to you. What matters is the concept or the idea which answers the question “who are you?”, “what are you like on the outside and the inside”. You will have to think about this in detail and once you have answered them you will have to find the materials and format to equivocate your answers.


What am I like on the outside?
Tough? Rough? Slippery? Beat up? Loud? Colourful?
What am I like on the inside?
Calm? Chaotic? Crazy? Confused? Tense? Sweet?
How am I put together?
Tightly? Loosely? Organized? Chaos? Mushy?
Am I light or heavy?
Am I solid or ethereal?
Am I easy or hard to read?