Photo Project # Plugit in, Plug it in

‘Plug it in, Plug it in’



Ok, Here it is… ‘Plug it in, plug it in’ refers to the Jingle from an air fresener comersial from my youth… which really does’nt matter… But thanks to the Majic of YouTube:

   Over the years students have submited very interesting photos for this project, I look forward to seeing yours.

STUDENT: Um… Is that it?  Ar’nt ya gonna tell us what to do?  Um…Like..Ya…

KELLER:  Hmm, how about if I help you get started.

How to do this?

  • Read over in your mind the title ‘Plug it in, plug it in’.   Write down all the things that you or people ‘Plug In”.
  • Think what you have that you can use.
  • Think about where you could plug things in.
  • Think about  pluging diferent things into non-transitional used objects…How does this change the meaning?
  • Ask yourself if your Photo has to make sence or are you going to be synmbolic?  Even non-sensicle?
  • can you make people think about the society we live in by your choice of objects?

I hope you are realizing the seer vast ness of the posibilities that you can produce for this project.   There is every opertunity to do what you want… Please don’t say your board…


How to submit:

Post photo on your Blog with a paragraph about what you did… what you were tring to do… what meaning or understanding where you trying to creat in the mind of your audence?