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do you know the secret handshake? If you haven’t been brought into the inner circle of those with special knowledge, esoteric things will remain a mystery to you.

In the olden days, achieving esoteric knowledge meant getting initiated into the mystical arts, learning secrets unknown to regular folks. Now when a subject is called esoteric it’s usually something not so mystical but still hard to penetrate: financial accounting might seem esoteric for people who get easily stumped filling out their tax forms. Americans might find the sport of cricket to be esoteric, but the rules of baseball can be just as impenetrable to outsiders. The infield fly rule? Totally esoteric.

adj confined to and understandable by only an enlightened inner circle

“a compilation of esoteric philosophical theories”
abstruse, deep, recondite

difficult to penetrate; incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge

requiring secret or mysterious knowledge
cabalistic, cryptic, cryptical, kabbalistic, qabalistic, sibylline

having a secret or hidden meaning
mysterious, mystic, mystical, occult, orphic, secret

having an import not apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence; beyond ordinary understanding

confined to particular persons or groups or providing privacy

Below are maps which describe people’s intellectual or religious, or spiritual understandings of the spaces within our minds, our bodies, our dreams, as well as other realities.

In Esoteric maps:

“…Every detail in them is significant and does not depend

on arbitrary moods or whims of an artist, but the outcome

of centuries of meditative experience and conventional

language of symbols as precise as the sign language of 

mathematical formulas, where not only each sign,

but also its position within the formula determines its value.

Anagarika Govinda “Creative Meditation and Multi-Dimensional Consciousness”


A Hindi map to ultimate liberation

Crom Chinq

Image source Iching map of change (China)

Image source
I Ching Mandala of Change (China)

Carl Young is a famous psychoanalyst.

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“Only now did I gradually come to what the mandala really is…

“Formation, transformation, the eternal mind’s eternal recreation”

And that is the self, the wholeness of the personality, which when

everything is well…is harmonious,but which can bear no self-deception.

My mandala images were cryptograms on the state of myself…

which were delivered to me each day.”    The Red Book  by  Carl G. Jung


From Austrailia:


Image source

Tibetan Monks at the Crystal Castle all this week! These peaceful Buddhist monks are now in residence and are creating the Medicine Buddha Sand Mandala. Come and be a part of this healing experience. They are from Yerpa house, Sera Mey Monastery. Only until Sunday!

The last few months have seen bush fires; storms and floods affect many families across many parts of our country. The Medicine Buddha Sand Mandala comes to us at a perfect time for healing.

Come and join the monks each day at 10.30am from Monday 11th Feb through to Sunday the 17th for chanting and meditation to invoke the divine energy of the Medicine Buddha, who resides within the mandala itself. The mandala is, as such, a divine palace of residence.
The monks request the Medicine Buddha’s blessings for healing for all beings; for the people who come to see it; for the local community and for the region; for our country and for the world.
The monks will create the mandala throughout each day, from 11am and at 3.30pm there will be a closing ritual, also every day.

“The Medicine Buddha is the Buddha of healing. He heals not only physical sickness but also mental sickness like anger, pride and jealousy. The mandala is an ancient art form of Tibetan Buddhism and is a sacred form of art used by Tibetan monks & artists, & is translated as ‘circle of harmony. It is a palace, and all of the patterns in the mandala have symbolism and meaning.” Geshe Ngawang Gedun, Sera Mey Monastery in southern India.

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The Kalachakra Mandala means time wheel or time cycles. It’s a complex system that involves the practice of using subtle energy from the body on the path to enlightenment. The intersections of the mandala represent the body, speech, mind and in the center wisdom and bliss.

From Nova:

On Designing a Mandala

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle or whole world. It is a representation of the universe and everything in it. Mandalas often represent imaginary places contemplated during meditation and have strong geometric components. In religious art, the mandala is used to symbolise wholeness—the circle of eternity.

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Image source Jung’s first Mandela


Image source   Sufi mandala crystal of peace




Image source The Shri Yantra- Explains the creation from the union of male female aspects of divinity

“The Shri Yantra though apparently no more than  a geometrical device, this intricate linear
composition is conceived and designed as a support to meditation – more precisely, to a concentrated visualisation and intimate inner experience of the polar play and logic-shattering paradox of
eternity and time. We may say then that a Yantra is an instrument designed to curb the psychic forces by concentrating  them on a pattern, and in such a way that this pattern becomes reproduced by the individuals  visualizing power.”

From Heinrich Zimmer Myths And Symbols In Indian Art And Civilization


Of Mandala

A mandala is a graphic representation of universal existence through a structure of symbols arranged according to the teachings of  Hinduism, Buddhism or Humanism. A group of Persons Arranged in a Symbolic Pattern Is A Mandala A representation of a Secret (Esoteric) Society This  can be a subtle reference to the Sangha or the  confraternity established by Buddha himself to constitute the congregation of dedicated disciples. Thus, this type of mandala can be defined as an assembly of persons bound together  by vows and obligations and of celestial beings also so dedicated.  The circumference of the mandala is a spiritual wall protecting the faithful from evil influences and the pressures of the profane world.

Manly P. Hall -Mysteries Of The Mandala

A collection of drawings from Athanasius Kircher (1602 — 1680) – Occult Jesuit Scholar



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“…this piece of Art work by Johann “Georg” Gichtel (1638-1710) shows different associations in regards to planets and Chakras. Also, why would the solar plexus be called solar unless it was associated with the sun? Odd the use of Uranus without Neptune, also no use of the Sun. I have also seen the sun in relation to the Navel Chakra.” post by AMENMAATRA on December 17, 2010 on