In this drawing project we will be focusing in our drawing understanding and skills in order to make an 18 x 24” drawing of a self-created Superhero! To get some ideas for your Superhero’s name, characteristics, personality etc… please see How to envision yourself as a Superhero.

We will be building upon the drawing activities we have already worked on in class and use contour, weighted, broken lines and value.

What we will learn in this project:

1.     Human body proportion
2.     Superhero body proportion
3.     Figure-ground relationship

So to start, please answer the following questions:

  1. What is your superhero’s name? Get your Superhero Name here
  2. What is the power of the superhero going to be?
  3. How did your SH get that power in the first place
  4. What will be your background?


Lets get started!!!

Q: What is Proportion?

A: Proportion in art is the relative size and scale of the various elements in a work of art. It describes the relationship between objects or parts of a whole. The most universal standard of measurement is the human body that is our experience of living in our own bodies.

Q: What is Body Proportion?

A: Each body part considered in relation to the whole body.




Part A 

The first thing we need to do is start sketching the human body, or what is called life drawing to get a feel for drawing in proportion.  Lets start with normal human proportion.


But how to start?  Well there are a few different way.

Stick people and then flush them out.


Tube, or cylinder, people.



Regardless of how you start the real key to drawing the figure is PRACTICE!!!


Part B

Now lets sketch out some super heros!!!

composite-11-10-12sm-1024x548 picture4352321 figure_drawin-1024x817

s life-drawing1-1024x768 lifedrawing_semester3_2-1024x823 parleydressconst-1024x723 will-smith-superhero-1-636x1024 life-drawing-sketch-02-pencil


If you want to look at Heroic proportion:

human_body_proportions__male_and_female__by_ametystical-d609pik body-proportions0059-jpg standard_proportions_by_abdonjromero-d5bg3t0 various-standards-of-proportion1 torso_front_view

Part C

Deciding on your SH’s pose and the  background