60 seconds of weirdness AKA ” A day in my life” (g8-9 Video Project)

60 seconds of weirdness

AKA: “A day in my life”

Image source memphisflyer.com

In this Primer project, I want you to learn how to work with video. Each student will produce a 60 sec video- NO LESS NO MORE!  In your video, I want you to include the 60-sec click track below and your choice of clips, photos, text, and sound which make up your daily life.


Things to think about:

  • Can you sync your media to the click track in interesting ways?
  • Can you create a story or narrative?
  • Backing music track.  Audacity effects?


Take a look at this example below:

Here is the student work by A.DR-M grade9.  Please notice the skillful way he has sped up the clips and changed the sound to produce a frenetic insight into his project.



You must use a 60 sec Click Track in your video.. in some way.

You can make a click track using Audacity with ease: Top menu bar/Generate/click track-  60BPM &1 beat for bar.  Add effects until you burst!!!