Intro to Shotcut: video editing. Project A

MovieMaker is dead. Long live Shotcut!


September hit with the annoying realization that MS moviemaker, which was my goto video editing program had been deleted for good.   I tried out a bunch of video editing freeware and ended up with Shotcut.  This will be the first year we use it…



Keyboard shortcuts

Video demonstrations:


Ok, please remember in a course like this we are always switching programs and trying out new things, new ways do things… that’s what keeps the arts fresh and in touch with contemporary society.

Our Project:

  1. Selfie from three views.
    Yep, as it says all I want you to do is to use your phone to capture Three views of you doing a mundane activity:  Scratching your ear, tieing your shoe, playing with your hair etc.  Then using Shotcut, put all the clips in, edit them to your liking and add a backing Audio track.
  2. I also want an Intro title sequence- your name etc

Basically, all I want you to do is learn the program. Play with it, see what it does well and not so well.  How far can you push the program?  What cool features does it have that you can utilize or want to learn more about?

As per usual, we will be doing another larger project(s) next using Shotcut.   So use this initial project to play and learn!



Even though I say ‘capture Three views of you doing a mundane activity’  please know that by no means do I want you to be boring, or thoughtless in the way you capture the mundane event!  Think about the light, the angle of the shot, what is ‘in the scene’ and why.  I want to see Beauty…even if it’s ugly…