Is your Sleeve 1/2 full or 1/2 empty? – A body art porject

Is your Sleeve 1/2 full or 1/2 empty?

No one knows when Body art, the decoration of the human skin with pigments embedded in the skin, first began. We do have evidence dating back as far as 5,220 years ago ( Early evidence of tattooing).


We do know that many different peoples from all over the world have practices for many different reasons. ( A good history of tattooing history from around the world). Questions:

  • Why would people get Tattooed?
  • What significance do tattoos play in contemporary society?
  • Why would you get, or not get, a tattoo… how large and of what?

Here at John Oliver Secondary I don’t think a day goes by that in our hall ways my eye is not drawn to the Mehndi stained hands of a student or staff member… a fading memento of a marriage ceremony witnessed. Are their more reasons? [nggallery id=33] In my life the Tattoo’s that I have seen are ‘Biker tattoos’ and Canadian Armed Forces regimental tattoos- my Grandfather was covered in them! PPCLI
Although I remember that Sailors we regarded as being the most tattooed of all… [nggallery id=34] And, Yes, women did get Tattooed as well… The Mythologized ‘Painted lady’ for the travelling Carny’

Annie Howard,

Annie Howard




Where do we go from here? Lets play. Everyone has to come up with sketches and a design for a ‘full sleeve’ or another part of your body [please keep it school appropriate!]

*Two pages of sketches
*One good copy drawing of you tattoo – the body should be included in the drawing

From class…

20130611-101646 20130611-101729 20130611-101753 20130611-101802 20130611-102603 20130611-102610 20130611-153426 20130611-153626




The Smell of fresh Indian Mehndi and lemon permeate my classroom. students are engaged in drawing, design,  and conversations about the summer, life after high school… We are ending the year on such a nice note…





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