Project 1: 7 shots from your journey to Here…

The whole Idea, or concept, behind our first project ‘7 shots from your journey to Here…‘  is to start noticing the world with-in which you live.  However you get to school, I want you to capture the images which stand out, have meaning, or are aesthetically pleasing for you.  But the world around us is sometimes not always one of beauty and pleasure… If that’s what stands out for you, shoot it.  Anything that you consider worthy and can articulate the ‘Why’, is fair game.

Check out the work of

Henri charter-Bresson street photography


Below are a few pictures that could have been shot for this project-


Image source


Image source


Image source


Image source


OK, Let’s see what you see!


Project Criteria:

Camera- Use your cell phone or own camera.
Shots to Submit-  7
Film speed- your choice
Colour or B&W- your choice
Lighting- your choice

Purpose of Project:

This is our first project.  I want to have a gentle, non time consuming, yet mentally engaging assignment which gets you starting to really look at the world around you.  Also, I want to problem solve any, and all, technical issues we may run into…

Enjoy…life’s too short not to.

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