Suddenly it's Lovely -window painting project

Afflictions and adorations… we all have our fascinations to things we can not control…

“When I was a little girl I remember being fascinated by those artistic paintings on windows that seemed to appear overnight around Christmas time – one day there were only panes of glass then the next day there were beautiful pictures painted on the glass of snowmen, pine trees, happy colors and holly berries.

Truly magical it was, to see those paintings appear seemingly overnight!

I used to think that whoever painted these windows must have been part of some secret Santa society of little elf painters, that came out in the dead of night to magically paint all the windows in town!

As I got older my fascination with these window paintings never went away…..

I always wondered who did these windows, how did they do them and most of importantly, when did they do them? I never seemed to be able to catch anyone in the act of doing one, so the mystery continued for me well into my twenties.!”  Anonymous


Dear Class, we are lucky to have been invited to work and learn from a local company ‘Suddenly it’s Lovely’

Suddenly it’s Lovely is Vancouver artists Megan Chursinoff and . As an environmentally-friendly company, we use water-based paints, recycled materials and travel by transit and bicycles. Our client-centered approach allows us to create whatever works best for you, from a one-hour simple display to whatever tickles your fancy!

Megan Chursinoff brings 11 years of experience as a professional muralist to her work at Suddenly it’s Lovely. Her mural styles include trompe l’oeil, illustrative and photo realism. Megan’s mural website can be viewed here. The quick and playful medium of window painting marks an exciting opportunity for Megan. She is enchanted by working with the light, transparency and impermanence of this new medium.

recently completed her Bachelor of Arts in International Development at McGill University where she focused on the intersection of visual art, community development and health. Her works have been shown in numerous academic and community-based exhibitions in Montreal. expands on her training in drawing, painting and screen printing with life-long self-teaching. She is delighted to pursue artistic, locally-based work with Suddenly it’s Lovely. What better way to inspire beauty and community than with brightly painted windows!

Please take some time to check out their website

The Skinny:

OK, OK, First ya gotta see/try this!!!

And Now take a look at Mr Bentley

OK, here we go.

The Fraser street BIA {business improvement association} has given all its member, 139 of them between 41st & 52, a gife of a winter ornament in the form of a painted winter decoration.  We have been asked to participate in this project by working with Suddenly it’s Lovely to actualize these works.  Oh, and I said Yes!

Erin and Megan will be coming in on the 9th of November to talk to us about What they do and How they do it.