Past, Present, Future & You! (g8)

Past, Present, Future & You!

Fist assignment for G8’s


  1. List about 5-10 words, ideas, sentences about each of your Past, present and future.  Things that stand out, things that are meaningful to you.
  2. Draw out 5 small sketches for each of your lists [not just a simple picture of an object- a whole scene!- but small about 1″x2″]
  3. Next chose your favourite sketches/ideas and develop them in to a bigger drawing- 4-6? about.
  4. Now draw out 3 different drafts combining all your 3 favourite sketches and a part of your face in a 5×7? sketch.  REMEMBER 3 Different versions.
  5. Chose the best one and it will become the basis of your good copy!!!



Design principals  ADD MORE!!!!