In Small admiration…

Ad·mire (d-mr)

v1. To regard with pleasure, wonder, and approval.
2. To have a high opinion of; esteem or respect.
3. Chiefly New England & Upper Southern U.S. To enjoy (something): “I just admire to get letters, but I don’t admire to answer them” (Dialect Notes).4. Archaic To marvel or wonder at.
In this sculpture project you will each be building a Maquette about 6″ high out of Papier-mâché.  The Idea for you schulpture is someone who you admire!  obviously!!!
  1. Brain storm ten poeople you admire. write down thier names.
  2. Which one of these people has items which can act as symbolic representation for them… ie Micheal Jacksons white glove…
  3. Decide which one you will enjoy most to make while at the same time will be recognizable to others through the items, object, clothing, gesticulation, and background.
  4. Write a paragraph about why you admire the person you are sculpting and post it the coment section of THIS post!!! 10 marks
  5. Sketch out you sculpture in you sketch book. 5X7″ with colour!!!

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