Photoshop Dreamscape



1. Introduce you self  to surrealism by watching the above video. Discuss amongst yourselves Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory painting as a key representation of  surrealism for its ability to take  objects from the real world and set them in a dreamlike state that catches the viewer off guard.

2. Conduct research on surrealism and search for surrealistic images on the Internet. Find some other examples of surrealism.

3. Realize that surrealistic painting includes various styles, but the Persistence of Memory uses an unexpected color palette, perception of space, and liquid and molten forms to present unconscious  thoughts, dreams, and imagination of a landscape.

4. Find a landscape photo on the Internet and with the use of CS4 Photoshop turn the landscape photo in to a surrealistic landscape by changing objects/features in the photos or by adding different object, and then modified in various ways.

  • Image size 3×5? landscape orientation
  • resolution 100 dpi
  • 1st layer must be the untouched landscape
  • put finished image

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