Clay container project

Clay Container Project

(Under construction – old and in need of a reno…)


We have practised the Pinch, Coil and Slab techniques of working with clay.  Now lets see what we can do!

In this project, you are asked to make a container, any shape, theme or look you want.  My only recommendation is that you have a starting point, i.e. a castle tower, a lighthouse, a human are, an elephant’s trunk…


I usually would put pictures below… but instead I want you to draw 6 things that you think could be made into towers


Thank you!

For this project, you should try and make the most interesting and exciting container possible!

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Some things to think about: Texture, Detail, Purpose, hold-ability and wicked sweetness.

Each student will need to:

  1. Pre sketches/ Brain storming 10 Points
  2. Make 10 thumb-nail [small- 3×5”] sketches from different angles to get a sence of what you are planning to make.  10 points
  3. Make a draft showing three sides and the detail they intend to put into their container.   30 points
  4. Completed Clay container 100 points