Mandala Project (g8)

Personal Mandala project

5 layers about you!

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  • The Inner layer represents you
  • Next, Personal items 3 layers should abstracted from things you like/love [material things such as ipods, sunglasses pets, food, symbols for things are fine!]
  • The Last layer, could be the boarder based on natural things- flowers, grass, stones, forests, mountains.  Again it can be abstracted, or simplified, from the real object

Writing & Sketching

  • Per layer: Paragraph and at least 5- 1”x2” sketches of the item/thing

Rough drafts

  • 5 3”X3” BL&w DRAFTS

One Draft:

  • 6”x 6” in colour [pencil]

Good Copy:

  • 18” x 18” Full colour painting.


Steps to go through:

1:  Make a list for your 5 layers.

For example heres my list



  • Guitars
  • My Family
  • Skateboarding
  • Chocolate
  • The mountains

2:  Now do a 3″x3″ rough draft just by thinking about the list of words you just wrote.
3:  Writing & Sketching
4:  remaining 4 Rough drafts
5:  One Draft:
6:  Good Copy:



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