What is Media Arts?

What is Media Arts?

We, simply speaking Media Arts encompasses a wide area of contemporary Art making in which the Artworks were made with, in full or in part, with aid of Digital equipment.  Since the 1950s various Artist from all around the world have been making Art in this way:



(to see some of the Fantastic .GIF art from 15folds click HERE)


Here are some examples of Media Artworks.










from apartment theropy

from http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/diy-digital-art-10-easy-art-projects-using-photoshop-224234


The next few images were found on Pinterest but I could not find any artist names attached!

arms face legs person phoneo dove

More images I like:

louis Patino

By Louis Patino


By tracy shi

By Tracy Shi


Three interesting works by Jarostaw Kubicki


kubicki-painting-digital-art-photoshop-woman-dramatic-drip-splash-portrait-mixed-media kubicki-phantom-of-the-opera-madness-of-beauty-woman-digital-art-mixed-media-painting-lips


And take a look at these playful photo-montaged GIFs:

tumblr_o4hx37JSmT1r42rk1o1_500 spooky2 Bill_Domonkos7 historic-photography-blackandwhite-gifs-kevin-weir-6 historic-photography-blackandwhite-gifs-kevin-weir-2 historic-photography-blackandwhite-gifs-kevin-weir-1 Bill-Domonkos

More great stuff- show colour GIF



Isabelle de Kleine  Show GIF


and more images:


Music/Sound effects/Soundscapes

SOUR / 日々の音色 (Hibi no Neiro) MV



Experimental video

Experimental Video by Chan Sui Sui and Philina Wong