Portrait as a Grade 8 on fire (Photoshop skills explotion!)


Now is the time to show me what ya learned over the last three projects-

Let the fun begin!

In this project I want you to have a head & torso photo of yourself and using any and all tools make the most interesting image you can.  

That’s, That’s, That’s all folks!

ok… maybe a bit more…

Here are a few examples I’ve been playing with… Oh ya… we are going to print them out and display them!!!


Can you name the tools I used to get these effects?

Can you name the filters?

And… what happened here?  Meaning? -what’s going on.


Let us talk a look at the work of Slovak Artist Michal Zahornacky

Image source diyphotography.net

Image source diyphotography.net

Image source diyphotography.net

Image source diyphotography.net


  • Create an 8 x 10″ image a 300 res.
  • Make your project folder in Onedrive
  • Find your source material and save them in your folder
  • Think about what you want to present and how you want to say it (this is the Art part!)
  • Get a picture of yourself.  The best quality will be the best quality, lol.
  • Start playing with photoshop and make the magic happen!

OH…  Please know:  I am not looking for you to use a tutorial clone …Please I want you to use the tools you know and experiment with.  Also, I am not looking for a one tool wonder… I am looking for Fun and playful use of the tools that we have learned so far.

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