What’s on your mind?

Project Intro:

Over the last few Pandemic months, many of us have sunk into our heads to ponder school, the future, and really what are we doing withour lives…

Anxiety, fear, boredom, sadness, anger are just a few emotions that have crossed my mind… but also thoughts of a small cabin by a lake, a dog to call my own, learning how to sail…

How can I express this visually?

A. Brunovsky Image source Artnet.com


  1. a sequence of real or imaginary images like those seen in a dream.
    “what happened next was a phantasmagoria of horror and mystery”
                              Definitions from Oxford Languages
The Czechoslovakia Artist Albin Brunovsky has always captured my imagination and admiration.  His series of surrealistic portraits (the medium is Etching) are simply amazing.  Please know that Brunovsky was born in 1935 and live under Soviet communism- a place where one was better off to hide their dreams and wants.

A. Brunovsky Image source WikiArtcom

In this Photoshop project, I want you to use the skills and techniques you have learned to develop an image of what on your mind. 

Image source Behance


  • Step 1:  Set up your file.  CMYK 11×17″
  • Step 2: Write out what you’re going to do and how. I’d love a bit of why!  Also, please list the techniques you think you will be using.   THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! YOU CAN’T WING IT!
  • Step 3: Take a pic of your head and neck in full colour.  We can use the JO lighting room and Lights to get a great pic!!!  Think about what you’re wearing!
  • Step 4: Take or collect source images from which your image will be built
  • Step 5:  *IMPORTANT* you have to ensure that all your added images are CMYK at 300DPI!!!
  • Step 6: Work Baby Work!
  • Step 7: If in doubt send me a pic and ask for some feedback!!!
  • Step 8:  Submit a Low res (100 dpi sm pic) of you source materials Example Below

    Image source Behance

  • Step 9: Save a .PDF file of your Finished projects and upload it to teams.  (Please note: When saving a .PDF that if you are asked if you want to Embed filed say Yes)

Image source Lens Culture

Things that will help you with the project:


*Masking in photoshop cc 2020

*Blending in photoshop cc 2020

*Double exposure in Photoshop cc 2020


Please note that while I am showing you BEAUTIFUL Dubel exposure images, what I am really looking for is for you to build an image out of multiple images and then blend it into your own image.

Here are some examples of Double exposure images to start you thinking:

PLEASE KNOW that the below photos are here to give you some ideas of working with Photoshop feature but do not work well for this project as they are TOO SIMPLE!!!


Image source Akvis

Image source Adorama

Image source 35mmc

Image source Aldrics

Image source Almay

Image source ArtPeople.net

Image source Behance

Image source beautifulbizarre

Image source Daniella Zalcman

Image source Flicker

Image source Igmur

Image source PetaPixel

Image source PhotoFocus

Image source Picame

Image source Surface and surface

JO Student Gallery


By S






More Images by Brunovsky

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Image source Artnet.com

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Image sorce WikiArtcom

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5 Pro Tips & 7 Steps to a Double Exposure Effect in Photoshop