“Place this – this Place” Soundscape Project


  1. a piece of music considered in terms of its component sounds.
    “his lush keyboard soundscapes”
    • the sounds heard in a particular location, considered as a whole.
      “institutions concerned with the world soundscape as an ecologically balanced entity”


Have you ever heard the terms: Soundscapes, Sound Design, and Acoustic Ecologist?  Let’s checkout the London Soundscape Project to gain some understanding of the “Soundscape” to guide your understanding, interests and knowledge to help you think through the possibilities of this project.


So how can you use Zed Tea‘s ideas, understanding, and thoughts to inform your own ideas on how you will proceed with your soundscape?  How will you “encourage your audience to use their ears to engage their mind’s eye?”.


{If you are interested in the avant-garde art group the Situationist Internation Tea spoke of, a link is Here  There is a very good 3 part video series on SI Part one can be found Here.  And an EXCELLENT 2 part series ‘The Society of the Spectacle‘}


Let us get deeper:

Project Idea:

I want you to use your newly acquired Audacity skills to build a soundscape of a place.  It could be any place.  From Cammy’s Pizza at lunch, walking through our school, your daily walk to school, a walk on the moon, to the inside of an atom.


  • This is a two week, or 4-5 class, project.
  • Post to your blog when done with a written reflection of what you did, learnt and what interest you. 
  • NO VIDEO just SOUNDS! 
  • you will Present your work to the class, maybe to the whole school over the PA!!!
  • 120-240 seconds in length


I know this is very subjective, yet I simply want to be to use MY ears to engage My mind eye

My expectations:

  • length, the number of tracks  (120-240 seconds is the sweet spot)
  • uses of effects (not  just effects for effect sake but how they add to the interest of the piece)
  • Use of textures, layering, and variation- the subtleties of the piece.  (Does my attention get captures?)
  • The overall continuity.  (Does the mashup/soundscape work together from start to finish?)
  • You used your device to sample your own sounds
  • I can perceive the play you are describing through sound.

Beyond my expectation:

  • My mind’s eye is activated and I am fully immersed in your place.
  • You made something which takes vividly my mind to somewhere else- you produced a work of art.
  • I weep tears of wonder and endlessly replay your project

Here are some other Soundscapes I found online.


Student work
The Locust God Breaches the Barrier. B.Ghorbani

Busy Mall-Before COVID by

Soundscape G Rai

Christmas Cafe by J. Shukla.


By Michelle S.

By Palack P.