Digital Multi Media Cacophony (Sound, Text & Vedio)

  1. a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds.
    “a cacophony of deafening alarm bells”


    dinracketnoiseclamourdiscorddissonance, discordance, uproar

    “despite the cacophony, Rita slept on”… and then was eviscerated with a subatomic particle beam and reassembled as a spliced up bit file in a digital loop played off-world on a dead star…

In this project, I am wanting you to play with the digital world in which we live.  Capture and copy.  Dice and Spice.  Layer and Layer and layer over layers over layers over layerrrrrerererersssrsrsre- make meaning through the bits you combine, compile.  Didactic drool? Or synthetic Art on hazy phase?

As we know have Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Rush, and Adobe After effects, this should be easy!  …lol.


Examples of playful use of media and layering: