Public Art Works

Over the last 10 years I have been lucky enough to have had such excellent students whom let me direct their energy and talents in to the arena of public art.

Most recent first:

The Dalai Lama’s visit to JO for the Heart & Mind Summit.

Well this was a huge project…

My 2d 10-12 class worked with two elementary classes and there Wonderful Teachers! As well as a Buddhist painter to produce several hundred Enzo’s culminating in three 10×12′ collaborative painting.  The small paintings were displayed throughout the school while the large scale works hung in the Gym during the Dalai Lama’s visit to our school.  We spent two amazing days painting at Van Dusen gardens…  It truly was amazing.
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Mosaic planters


The Fraser street BIA asked us to ‘decorate’ 11 large scale cement planters with student produced design.


The infamous Pink&Black ally project


Working with Instant Coffee, on the ‘Pink & Black Ally’. This was a two year instillation on Fraser and 46… People loved it or hated it… Personally I loved it!


Hey, Suddenly it’s lovely!



In this project approximately 80 shops, between 41st and 52nd ave, will receive window dressing of winer ornaments, in the form of papers snowflakes, stencilling of winter images and 3-d paper sculpture.    Our students have been going out into our community to create these window after school.  The feedback from the businesses has been ecstatic!  Way to go JO!

The VPL Art Project



In this public art project a couple of my grad 9/10 classes worked with artist Renee Van Halm to revamp an 80′ facade of the Fraser street public library. We worked with Renee had developed her idea for the mural based on cultural patterns of the various peoples who have lived in the south hill neighborhood over the last 100 years. My students developed the … See Moresmall 10X10 grid patterns in the ‘blackberry’ colour. Renee, members from the community at large, my students and me, worked on the mural. We are all hoping more business owners want us to paint their facades!

vpl big

Through this window I

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Earlier this School year (05-06) I invited a few Elementary school teachers and their students to work with me on a project entitled ‘Through this window I…’.  Basically it is a multi-literacy project, which deals with how a variety of curriculum can be enriched through the use of art activities to engage students.  The project tries to get a sense of how each student takes in curriculum on a personal level and explores it through their personal histories, thoughts and dreams that they bring with them to school.  It also encouraged collaboration and mentorship between teachers.


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We live Here

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‘We live Here’ was a student centered public art project about understanding the urban landscape

My photography 10 and 11 students and beginners graphics class and Mr. T. McGeer’s English 11 class worked together with spoken word poet T. Paul Ste. Marie and graphic artist Laurel Swenson on the project We Live Here.  In this project, students investigated how they saw the urban landscape of Vancouver in various modes some with cameras some with text. Their works reflected their different histories, cultures, languages and their individual understanding about what it is like to be living in Vancouver right now.  The photographs and poetry were combined by the graphics students to produce multi layered photo-text works.  The whole project took about five months to complete. Ten of the images created by We Live Here will be printed four feet by five and a half feet and displayed through the City Transit Program in bus shelters sometime in 2006 all over Vancouver. The project was funded by ArtStarts in School as a part of the celebration for the opening of their new facilities on the corner of Richards and Robson



Here we are, What are we doing, and Why?



In this project Photography 10, 11 and 12 students will use graphic works of art as a catalyst for understanding and change.  The main point of this project is to construct and establish a whole school dialogue around issues of identity (individual, school and community) and place (Gladstone Secondary School) in relationship to the community to further students understanding of what it is to be socially responsible. This project will accomplish this through the exploration of graphic multi-lingual text-based images. Moreover, through a visual dialogue between students and community, I wish to rejuvenate the importance of the Neighbourhood  School.  All told about 900 students voiced their opinions through writing their ideas about what my photo students work meant to them.


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(Jan 30 2003)


Here we are, what are we doing, and why?

This was my first BIG public art project. It turned into a whole school self assessment.  I worked with two English teachers, an artist and a semiologist from SFU. The graphic works combination of my photo classes and text over us through illustrator or printed large scale and put into bus shelters all around the school and later on Vancouver for a period of six months.





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