Introduction to Video Effects

We will be using the Photos program that comes along with windows 10 for this project.  It has an easy interface and has a lot of functionality. Yes… it does Video!- who knew!!!

Life has gotten so easy that now many applications simply let you select, position, size, anchor, and save- I will demo in class,

Unfortunately, the effects are generic… but that’s where your creativity and sensitivity come in!

Please note YOU CAN GO TOO FAR!!!

In this project, I want you to think about a 15 to 30 seconds video that uses Titles and texts, Music and some effects.



Your video MUST be/include:

  • 15-30 seconds long
  • Intro and outro credit slides.
  • Text
  • Soundtrack


  1. Check out the available effects in the Photo program in Win10
  2. THINK!!!
  3. Storyboard your Idea
  4. Shoot your video
  5. Transfer it into “Photo” in Win10
  6. Place effects where and when you want them- Remember to Ancorh them to the space you want!
  7.  Add begging and end credits/intro/outro etc
  8. Add sound/effects etc
  9. Save to .mp4
  10. Submit on Teams

This should take 2 hours.


Video file types supported by MS PHOTO:








But, it doesn’t seem to like files with an extension of .MPG.

JO Student Videos:

The Drink