A Re-Design project…


We’re looking for illustrations of a new design aesthetic, theoretical and

practical works which transcend the current commercial paradigm.

We’re looking for designs which are less product and more person

oriented; designers who are designing not just the product, but the

psychological and ecological aspects of the product-in-use.


  • Design a product (a cell phone, an elevator, a hot water tap) that makes people want to     use it less.
  • Design to share: for example, a sidewalk lawnmower storage unit to be accessed by the residents of a whole city block.
  • Design to change lifestyles: for example, a “carbonometer” that announces automobile CO2 emission volumes.
  • Design a grassy typeface; a symbol for ecological footprint overstepped; an iconography for mental pollution.
  • Invent a safe, portable, easy to install speed bump.
  • Create a simple, recyclable, no-name sneaker that’s cooler than Nike.
  • Relax the pace of modern life… invent a time-adding devise, instead of a time-saving device.
  • Recycle used materials into an outfit for next year’s Academy Awards.
  • Design a poster or commercial for any of the above concepts.
  • Pick an ad you produced in your guilty corporate past and recant.
  • Throw away this list of suggestions and realize your wildest dream.