Your name in Ink, a small printing project.

Lino block printing is a great way to be introduced into the graphic art of Printmaking.

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Block printing is a technique for printing text, images or patterns used widely throughout East Asia and originating in China in antiquity as a method of printing on textiles and later paper.


In this project I want you to design a font/style/look for your name. Then we will print them so that you have an edition of 5 prints.

We will be using a speedo cutting tool that has different types of cutting nibs that cut U & V shapes in various sizes.

Think about decorative letters

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1. sketch out some possible designs (at least 3) using the block as a template. Use the paper I provide.

* Please note you will need a border of some kind all around the perimeter of the block.

2. once you have chosen your design transfer it in REVERS onto your lino block.

2.5 use a small test piece of lino and get used to cutting!

3. Print x5

4. sign your edition  below your print:  Number -/5 {left corner} Title {middle} and first initial, last name {right corner}

5. Submit for marking


I will be looking for the following criteria when marking:

  • Balance
  • Border
  • Evenness of ink
  • Interest of design
  • Have you ‘Editioned’ your prints?

Take a look at these BEAUTIFUL lino Prints from Black pig printmaking studio

How to sign and Edition your prints

-take a look at these two informative sites:

Editioning Prints