Collage portraits ala Vladimir Sulyagin

In this 2D project you may use any type of paper, material, stuff {for a lack of a better word} to make a portrait of someone real or imagined.   As big or as small as the muse grabs you, but if it is small there must be MUCH detail, ohh how wonderful the detail!.  Any flat thing may be used, from the class room or where ever…  Personality is key.  Producing an interesting image is really what I am after.  So I would say do not settle for crap…  Make it most excellent…  Remember, skate or die.


The  below images were made by the Russian Artist Vladimir Sulyagin, b1942.  I love the easy he captures personality, I love the simplicity and the use of shadows… take a look. (all images from Chatto & Windus 1992)


Now, grab some materials, a pair of scissors, and let us see what you can do.