Intro PS #2 Dreamscape g8


The project:

I want you in this project to learn a new set of tools: the Magic wand, spot healing brush, Opacity, the clone stamp tool, and maybe more. Basically, you are going to make a Dream-like image where ANYTHING can happen!- HAVE FUN (be appropriate, please).  Dreams are usually, in my experience at least, realistic- so, please keep that in mind. But, ya a gold sky with flying elephants is all good!


  1. Find a landscape photo on the Internet to use as the base of your dreamscape
  2. Find other photos containing things you like, and want to add to your base photo. (Keep them ALL)
  3. Produce an AMAZING image!

Things to think about

  • Choose a landscape photo with LOTS OF DEPTH.SPACE!
  • Composition and design- use the front, middle, and backgrounds
  • Have a dominant subject- one thing BIGGER than the others.
  • Have FUN!!

File criteria: