Ink, Flowers and Fruit!

This is a project all about exploring the world of India Ink.

India Ink,

Also Known As: Indian Ink, Chinese Ink, Liquid Indian Ink, is traditionally a carbon black ink mixed with gum and resin, molded into sticks. The name ‘India Ink’ is thought to be a misnomer which originated in Europe when this ink, actually from China, was imported via the Indies.  For more information on the The History of Indian Ink.

How to use India Ink, traditionally  people use a brush or a pen, or a wooden stylus they dip in the ink and then draw with.  But you can really use anything from your finger to a well cooked strand of spaghetti!

Take a looke at the ink drawing’s of Christian Brechneffs. I really like the curiosity and investigative inquiry he puts in to his drawings.

Passion Fruit Flower Drawings

Here is a video of an Artist, somewhere in Europe, simply sitting outside, observing the architecture, the trees and the way the light and shadows play upon them an through calligraphic mark making and a few of ink washes
produces very nice work in a classical style.

Here is an artist, Laraine Armenti, who has a edgy looseness to their work- not all the works are in ink… but worth a look!
Laraine Armenti

In this project what I am looking for is you to make illustrations for a book we are producing next year entitled ‘J.O. Cooks”  a recipe book made up from the families and staff of our JO community.  The quality of the book is geared towards line drawings- hence our use of ink.  What I am imagining for the book is text and pics for each page- maybe the page numbers and the header/footer also in ink- if you are interested in working with me on it, and in Grade 11 this year, let me know.

Day One:  I want you to play with ink.  There will be Ink, Pens and brushes on the centre table along with a wast array of objects.  Please spend you time observing, and drawing the objects in ink- Note that ink is unforgiving, one you make a make it can not be erased.  So either do not make mistakes, or give yourself permission to make mistakes and incorporate them into you work!  Keep ALL YOU DRAWINGS!!!!

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