Clay Face Project

The BIG idea is to play with clay, 3d forms and design a decorative object/sculpture which has a ‘face’ in/within/on it.

Let’s take a look at my Pinterest collection and get a feel for the aesthetic I’m thinking of… there’s quite a range.

Yes, there are ALOT of images to look at!  But that’s a good thing as it gives you a lot to think about.

The basic idea is to think about how you think and

OK, on to the process of How we are going to make this.

First, let’s talk.

  • We will be using clay and firing it to cone 06.
  • We can Paint or Glaze your finished work.
  • You have to decide if it will hang on a way or sit on a table and be responsible for the method to hang or the Base it will stand on.

So there are the basics… Now the fun begins! Look at your photocopied face, whatcha going to do with it??? Please know that I’m not looking for realism- NO!  I am wanting you to use your face as a reference, as a starting point to abstract and transform to forms and features within and make an object that reflects something of YOU!

You need to:

  • Think
  • sketch
  • cut out/glue on
  • bend/twist
  • change/transform
  • and play!

When you come up with an Idea based on your play I want you to document it and upload it to teams.

Then I will be asking you to draw a Draft of your sculpture/decorative object. (which will also be submitted to teams)

Once your draft is complete we will head to the clay room (REMEMBER YOUR MASK) and start working with clay.


Then we work!

(If you have not worked with clay before, don’t worry- I will teach you the basics)

After you finished I will be getting you to write out an Artist Statment about your work