In this project you will be researching an artist and examining one of there works, writing 300-400 words about the artist and the work and then presenting your findings to the class. I have drawn up an outline that you are welcome to follow.


  1. Research:






You might want to read about the type of society the artist lived in          and how it affected the artist point of view.


  1. The Artwork: Pick one piece that you think is representative of the artist.

Using the concepts taught in class, such as line qualities, color theory,     depth illusion, positive & negative space, realism, abstraction, composition, balance, etc.

Describe what you see in, or feel, about the painting.                             * Ask your self questions like:

What can I see in the picture plane? How has it been composed?                Where does my eye go    when I look at it? Is it                             realistic or abstract? Is the artist using any particular                    color theory? How do the technical features work together?


Analyze what do you think the work is about.

* Ask your self questions like:

Is it narrative, does it tell a story, or is it abstract and                  talk about mood? What do the various parts of the painting do                to, or for, the work as a whole?


Judge how well you think the artist did.

* Ask your self questions like:

Do I like it? Why or why not. Does this artwork do                           anything for me?

You can say anything you want as long as you can back it up!



  1. Paper: each student will hand in his or her findings. Please include a photocopy of the artwork you wrote about. For the research part of the essay I will require you to quote all your sources. (Bibliography protocol will be taught in the library)


  1. Presentation: each student will present his or her paper to the class, 5-10 minutes each.











Art History assignment        Student _____________________


Presentation mark       /30        Teachers comments:



Written report:

Research    /20               Picture                 /5

Description /20               Bibliography            /5

Analysis    /20               Quoted sources          /10

Judgment    /20               Neatness                /10                                                                                TOTAL   /140



Art History assignment        Student _____________________


Presentation mark       /30        Teachers comments:


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