3D Mobile Project



mobile is a type of kinetic sculpture

 constructed to take advantage of the principle of equilibrium. It consists of a number of rods, from which weighted objects or further rods hang. The objects hanging from the rods balance each other, so that the rods remain more or less horizontal. Each rod hangs from only one string, which gives it freedom to rotate about the string.

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mobile-sculpture-2b mobile_mobile_sculpture_created_by_lbi_5kk2m Mobile_(sculpture)_in_the_style_of_Alexander_Calder meeker-dean-1920-2002-usa-sculpture-mobile-2290381 matchstick images (1) images m Mobile-2 Marco_Mahler_-_Kinetic_Sculpture_Art_Mobile_73_1_6401 Marco_Mahler_Kinetic_Sculptures_01_thumb il_fullxfull.319475787 hanging-sculpture-mobile-light-lamp-Scabetti-design Fluidic-by-WHITEvoid-for-Hyundai-Salone-del-Mobile-2013-Photo-by-Nick-Hughes-for-Yellowtrace-01 flewelling004 fish-calder2 8644225758_acb218fa74_z birdintree Bruno Munari Four usless machines duplicity-style-kinetic-mobile-sculpture-in-ecentric-indio-carolyn-weir DM_distance 6157990100_0855f54db6_m 3304101231_39d903d7a4 1336069080-Benson-mobile-sculpture-reduced 8976_1337210643_2 4205_hand_made_copper_mobile_sculpture_1

Your assignment is to turn ‘Space into Meaning‘…

What could the artist be talking about with this Mobile?


Or this one?



There are so many ideas that come to mind!


  • What is the theme of your Mobile?
  • What are the materials?   And why or why not?
  • Base?   And why or why not?
  • Abstract forms or recognizable forms?  And why or why not?
  • Colour or monochromatic?  And why or why not?


A couple of paragraphs in your sketch book
Two pages of sketches

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