Making your own Character project


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During the past decade the Berlin based project has tirelessly hosted, encouraged and pushed forward a unique, playful and interdisciplinary investigation of the visual avant-garde and graphic arts in the digital age.

Pictoplasma is an organisation dedicated to the art of character design, and are notable for bringing it into the mainstream. Since 1999, they have encouraged the international character design scene by publishing collections of characters, organising character design conferences and by maintaining the Pictoplasma Archives, an extensive inventory, collection and showcase of contemporary character design.

Some of there past images can be seen here!

In this painting project we will be developing from sketch to good copy a character with a history, personality and a whole world around it!

SO, Start thinking!!!


  1. Sketching a page of SMALL possible Characters. (min of 8 diff characters!)
  2. Pick one Character and develop it in to a robust, or full, character
    • define name
    • personality
    • make up the – who what where and when…
    • what are they wearing, holding …anything else
  3. Produce a 8×10′ draft in colour! in sketchbook
  4. Good copy = 2-3  group has to be at some kind of celebration, or festival, (one page of writing about C,or F, and what your characters are doing there.


Check out all the characters that come from