Indigenous Drum and Rattle making with the with Divita Marsden and Brandon Peters!

Last year (2018/9) I set up an initiative to make a class set of Indigenous drums, and a few Rattles, for our most excellent JO Music students.  I worked with Divita Marsden, Brandon Peters and a bunch of JO kids.  I was fortunate enough to get money from various sources, Damian, Gabriella Lapano and PAC (I hope I am not forgetting anyone!).


From cutting the skins into various sized circles,

softening the hides in water overnight

to the actual stretching and tieing the drums to the wooden frames

The day was like a meditation on the Kwakiutl saying “…now we press our working hands together“.

Thank you again to everyone who was involved!

If interested in using the drums in your class I am sure that the remarkable Mr Jason Decuto would be happy to share them with you!