Student self-assessment of Critical and Creative Thinking

Dear Class,  Your self-assessment of Critical and Creative Thinking are due ASAP!  Please follow the directions below.


The Core Competencies are a foundational component to the re-designed curriculum. This year, our focus at JO will be the Critical and Creative Thinking Competencies. As per the Student Progress Report Order from the Ministry of Education, all students require a self-assessment on a Core Competency at the end of the school year. As mentioned during CP time last week, we ask that all teachers help us in communicating to students their responsibility to self-assess and upload their Core Competency reflection. On Monday, May 27th we asked that you take some time to discuss with your students during the block the Core Competency self assessment/reflection and the importance that they are responsible for completing and uploading  their reflections it to MyEd.  Attached you will find prepared documents to help students organize their thinking for their self assessment of the core competency.

There are many ways that students can document their self-assessment of Critical and Creative Thinking. You can share with your students that they can use the documents to help them organize their thinking, but their final document could include any of the following:

  • Advertisement/commercial
  • Body language
  • Charts made from sorting
  • Collages
  • Collections
  • Constructions
  • Dramatization
  • Equations
  • Graphic stories
  • Illustrations
  • Interview (written or oral
  • Lists
  • Mind map
  • Graphic organizers
  • Photo Essay
  • Photographs
  • Poems and acrostics
  • Questions
  • Reference letter or bio
  • Spoken reflections
  • Stories
  • Symbols
  • “The story behind the….”
  • Videos
  • Word Cloud


Attached are also the Quick Reference Guides for the students to refer to on how to find the assignment, upload the assignment and for parents to be able to see the assignment. We will be sending this information out to families through the WAAG explaining the process this year and by School Messanger.

Please direct students to find the Core Competency Assignments in the following courses:

Grade 8’s – Birkenhead’s Career Ed course

Grade 9’s – Steinruck’s Career Ed course

Grade 10’s – their PHE course

Grade 11’s – Kinnon’s Grad Transition course

Grade 12’s – Sandri’s Grad Transition course

Students will have until June 13thto upload their reflections into their respective course in MyEd.

Creative Gr8-9 2019 p1 FINAL

Creative Gr8-9 2019 p2 FINAL

Creative Gr10-12 2019 p1 FINAL

Creative Gr10-12 2019 p2 FINAL

Critical Gr8-9 2019 p1 FINAL

Critical Gr8-9 2019 p2 FINAL

Critical Gr10-12 2019 p1 FINAL

Critical Gr10-12 2019 p2 FINAL

QRG Accessing an Assignment from the Student Family Portal

QRG Uploading a File for an Assignment in the Student Family Portal