Sketching and slowing down

Just spent a few days on Pender Island, the most southern of our Gulf Islands.  After schools end I simply wanted to slow myself down, think about the year, and make some plans.

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The way I slowed myself down was hiking into different places each day and sketching.    ‘Sketching!’ You might be thinking ‘Keller hardly ever made us sketch’.  Yep, I agree, hardly ever.  And yet it is fundamentally the best way to get better at everything art related (I’m not going to get in to that now, but you are welcome to ask and as a class we’ll talk).


I am only showing a selection of the of the ones I feel worked.  Yep, like you I’m ‘in process’.
Some people are just naturally gifted, yet others can work hard, and work often to develop a technique and understand of how marks layered together can become recognizable.

It takes time, effort, and practice to develop your potential.

This coming year I want to do infuse your artistic life with sketching.  Sketching in class and out.