'Heavy' Public Art Thriving in the JO Community

10 of 19 200lb cement planters...

Our latest Public art project involves about 4000lbs of concrete, hundreds of glass tiles and a yet to be terminated amount of mortar… This project is being Sponsored by the South Hill B.I.A.  and who I have work with for the last 2.5 years as a part of South Hill Public Art Committee.   I have to say that I have been very impressed with the BIA who had the forward thinking initiative to hire Artists Barbara Cole and Holly Schmidt to write a 10 year public art plan for their comunity South Hill Art Plan.


The JO wrestling team moving the planters from the parking lot to the ceramics room

In the fall 19 large and heavy concrete planters arrive on the back of a flat-deck semi-trailer.  I was lucky to have the EVER-HELPFUL JO wrestling team help me move the planters from the parking lot to the ceramics room.  And there they have sat since…

I spent half of our last Pro-D day researching epoxy based mortars, concrete stain and making templates for the two tiers.  Did you know that some Mortars have Kevlar in them…  Still researching concrete stains.


I am sure there is a mathematical algorithm I could have used to figure this out… but I like to use my hands.  It gets me connected to the objects and the task at hand.  We have about 30 boxes of glass tiles and this coming week You, my dear students, will be making your own templates and seting your minds to work.

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Above are images of some of my 11/12 students starting to get aquatinted with the tile which the city of Vancouver donated to our project.  I will post more photos as we progress!


I have been making Public art with my students for the last 10-14 year now and have been fortunate to have students who have been willing to voice their opinions through various aesthetic mediums and have allowed me to engage their minds and put their hands to work!  If you’d like to check out my older work some of it can be found here.