Kate Hanrahan's Drawings and Installations

Hey, I stumbled upon this neat artist Kate Hanrahan, a New Orleans-based artist. I really like the looseness of her work.  I could see Drawings and Installations in the hallways of our school- especially a key mobile in the stair well on the north-east side between the second and third floor- you know that is my favourite place in our school.  For students, what I want you  to notice is how Kate uses line in her drawings- it is not all perfect, but yet the multiple lines add so much to the interest of the image.   I also like the her use of simply ending her work, as if she had set her work up, started to draw, and then got called away…  I find myself walking through her works expecting Kate to walk back in, paint brush in hand ready to start working… or maybe just start a new one.

Take a look at her blog