Charming Baker

Charming Baker’s show “The Meaning of Everything” at The Gallery on Redchurch Street. I  really like this guys work.  The work that I can see of the internet  are extremely cool.  Would love to see some up close and personal… woould even consider buying one, if I could afford it!. –Keller

Charming Baker’s art depicts allegories of both animal (plush and real) and human interactions with the ominous atmosphere of dark fairy tales. His penchant for ornate background patterns lend his scenes a quaint appeal and false promise of innocence belied by the disconcerting situations unfolding in the foregrounds; the spaces are fraught with tension, doom and a dark sense of humour. Baker’s style bears some influence from the local graffiti/street art scene, yet his work is in fact indicative of a quite serious studio practice. The exhibition preview (4 June, 6pm) promises new prints and paintings and savoury cake.

– Shana Nys Dambrot