CS4 Photoshop Tutorials & Guides

Here you will find various links to CS4 photoshop tutorials.  Read or Watch as many as you think you need to!  Remember CS4 is build to be intuitive, self explanatory, so there is always more than one way of doing the same thing.  I always find that you need to PLAY WITH THE PROGRAM TO UNDERSTAND IT!!!   So PLAY WITH IT!!!

A good basic guide to Photoshop

Photoshop Tool Basics This is a word .doc with a list of the tools and what they do. You have to DL the file.

Detailed what’s what in Photoshop This is a word .doc with a  detailed list of most of the big things in photoshop.  You have to DL the file.

Links to Potoshop tutorials:






Photoshop CS4 Interface Overview (Video Tutorial)Photoshop CS4 Tutorial for Beginners

Remove Elements From a Photo in Photoshop CS4

Installing Fonts in Photoshop CS4

Pen Tool Crash Course

Using Layers in Photoshop CS4 (Video Tutorial)

Insert an Image on a Background with Photoshop CS4 (Video Tutorial)

How to Change Color of a Car with Photoshop CS4 (Video Tutorial)

Using Content-Aware Scaling

Creating 3D Lenticular Depth in Photoshop CS4

Masking in CS4

Smooth skin with Photoshop

Photoshop CS4 Tone Correction (Video Tutorial)

Extreme/Exagerated Retouch using Photoshop CS4 (Video Tutorial)

Creating 3D text effects

Create a Photomontage in Photoshop CS4 (Video Tutorial)

How to Change Vibrant Colors on Objects with Photoshop CS4 (Video Tutorial)

Graffiti text

Creating a reflection

Better masking

Cartoon Effect

Color Dodge Blend Mode for Light Effects

Retouching Eyes with Photoshop CS4 (Video Tutorial)

Photoshop CS4 Photomerge (Video Tutorial)

Turn a photo into a painting