Biology 11 Martin 18 Dec 2013

Study Viral/Moneran diseases, pathogens, interferons (p. 372 – 375).
Read the section on Monerans in preparation for next class.
Project – Ecology – Biology 11
In groups of 3-4, choose one of the following areas to research:
– One endangered species
– One endangered biome (rainforest, desert, etc)
– Effects of climate change on a particular species
– Management of waste to reduce impact on a particular ecosystem
– Pollution problem and its effects on a particular ecosystem
– Results of human population on humans (one particular problem)
Identify what you would like to research, and be specific:
– What is the problem?
– How do we know it is a problem?
– Where is it occurring?
– What are side-effects of the problem?
– Will it affect other species/ecosystems/environmental factors?
– Is anything being done to address the problem?
– If so, what is being done?
– What are your ideas on possible solutions to the problem?
Present your research in a digital presentation format (prezi, powerpoint, etc) in front of the class.
Presentation must be 1-2 minutes long. All group members must speak/present.

Good presentations today!