Science 10 25-29 April 2016

Read and work on 12.1 in workbook (if applicable) and textbook.

Finish Pangea Puzzle activity (12-1C) and be sure to be able to answer questions.

Research and diagram the plate boundaries (converging, diverging, transform, etc) using the textbook examples.

Mini Science 10 period 1-3 Martin 22 April 2016

Test on chapter 10 (including extra notes, articles, resources and activities that we covered) is on Tuesday, 26 April.

Work on activity 12-1C (Pangea).  Bring glued continents to class. The questions in the activity will not be collected, but make sure you can answer them if asked or quizzed on them.

Biology 11 all 19/20 April 2016

Study for test (see previous post). Be sure to utilize the workbook (section H) and the textbook (chapter 26 and 30-1), as well as the notes, diagrams, etc, that we have covered.

Be prepared to present on your mollusk. Be sure the poster is in class. Missing posters due to a group member’s absence will result in a mark of zero.