Science 9 1-4 27 Sep 2016

Finish diagram of plant cell and animal cell (see p. 122 – 123). Be sure to label all cell parts and organelles. Diagram should be coloured or neatly outlined with a fine line marker so that all parts are clearly visible.  On back of page, include the function of each organelle/structure.

Biology 11 all

Safety Test Monday and Tuesday, 26 and 27 Sep 2016

Study WHMIS and Scientific Method, as well.

Please watch the Bozeman Science Youtube video on membranes and check out the animation on osmosis at:


Finish the red blood cell labelled diagram (using p. 99-102 in text) showing the effects of a high concentration solution and low concentration solution. Hint: Think of where water is most concentrated, which is usually opposite to where the solute is more concentrated. Make sure the diagram is neat and well done, and demonstrates that you understand osmosis and concentration gradient.

Science 9 1-4 21 Sep 2016

Write out the steps, in your own words, for making a wet mount slide. Read and study the section on microscopes p. 486-487 in textbook.

Finish section 1.1 in workbook.

The next section coming up is cells and cell reproduction.  Find the appropriate parts in the textbook and skim the first few sections.

Bring $10 for workbook, if you haven’t already done so.